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Solar Press

The Solar Press Horror Anthology Vol. I

The Solar Press Horror Anthology Vol. I

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The Solar Press Horror Anthology Vol. I

Seventeen tales of terror from seventeen of the genre's strongest voices. 

From bleak cyberpunk dystopias and surreal sadistic hospitals, to evil insects, psychic viruses, and lustful ancient deities.

High concept, strange, and stylish, The Solar Press Horror Anthology Vol. I is a collection of stories like none other. 


  • Dear Marty by Shannon Denaux
  • Crash Cart by Graham J. Darling
  • The Scissorman by Mathew Gostelow
  • At Night Every Sentry is a Mother by Vanessa Santos
  • Suffer Your Terrors by Mike James Davis
  • Surrender by E.Y.M. Kuperberg
  • The Dedication of the High Priestess by Rami Ungar
  • Two Islands by Eóin Dooley
  • Seven Ghosts by Gordon Linzner
  • Reasons by Greta Burton
  • Devil's Voice by Andrew Najberg
  • First Love by Simon Clarke
  • Buying the Farm by Ann O'Mara Heyward
  • Skarapei, Open Your Mouth by Nick Morgan
  • Log #66 by Barry Charman
  • The Skinless Woman by Alice LeMarck
  • The Long Road by Aedan Ferrara

All profits from this anthology will be donated to The Bath Cats & Dogs Home, an animal shelter established in 1937, which cares for abused, stray, and abandoned animals, and provides reduced cost veterinary treatments for animals whose owners are unable to afford veterinary services elsewhere.

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