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The Room Opposite & Other Tales by F.M. Mayor

The Room Opposite & Other Tales by F.M. Mayor

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From devastating tales of show business corrupting the innocent, to macabre tales of Christian curses, the sixteen tales that comprise The Room Opposite & Other Tales show a writer at the peak of her abilities. 

Bringing a dramatist's edge to her tales of terror, and a horror writer's cruelty to her dramatic pieces, F.M. Mayor's work won her admirers as wide ranging as Bertrand Russell, M.R. James, and Virginia Woolf.

The stories within this collection, written across Mayor's lifetime, reflect her conflicted attitudes toward the changing world around her.

Stories such as A Season At The Sceptre recall Flora's earlier life acting in both Hastings and the London Lyric Theatre, and the sordid lives of her co-stars. Other stories reflect Mayor's conflicted attitudes toward social progressivism, the innate paganism of rural folk, and the growing numbers of spinsters she saw appearing all around her.

While F.M. Mayor was far from alone in covering these topics, her work stands as unique due to the her brutal honesty, acute perceptiveness, and a more critical, reactionary worldview than many of her friends and contemporaries.

Reprinted for the first time since 1935, in a new restored edition, Solar Press are proud to present The Room Opposite & Other Tales by F.M. Mayor.



  • The Room Opposite
  • The Kind Action of Mr. Robinson
  • Letters From Manningfield
  • Tales of Widow Weeks
  • Fifteen Charlotte Street
  • The Unquiet Grave
  • Christmas Night At Almira
  • In the Bus
  • Mother and Daughter
  • Innocent's Day
  • A Season at the Sceptre
  • The Lounge at the Royal
  • The Dead Lady
  • Miss De Mannering of Asham
  • ''There shall Be Light at Thy Death''
  • Le Spectre de la Rose
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