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The Pole and Whistle by George Moor

The Pole and Whistle by George Moor

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''I'll wait for you in the Whistle.''

The forgotten classic of gay British literature, finally back in print.

A sublime and beautiful novel in the spirit of James Baldwin and Yukio Mishima, from one of England's most tragically forgotten novelists.

Writing with a blunt elegance, George Moor tells the tale of John Anselm—mid-20s, lonely, repressed, and directionless—and his intense, destructive, and ultimately liberating relationship with Frank Jeffers—a beautiful but world-weary petty criminal. 

Vividly conjuring the underground British gay scene of the 1960s, George Moor explores all the dangers, thrills, and surprising mundanities of a love forbidden by law.

A stunning, one of a kind masterpiece.

Solar Press are proud to present a new edition of this classic work to a new generation of readers. 

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