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The Dark Twin by Marion Campbell

The Dark Twin by Marion Campbell

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'This fair one is to be our king and this is his Dark Twin; it is our custom that two should carry the kingship, for it is too great to be housed in one body.'

The Dark Twin—the shadow of the king—condemned to share the burdens of regency, to take punishment in place of the king, and to be the king's connection to the world of death.

The Dark Twin is the story of Drost. Raised by women in accordance with the Mother religion, he is thrust into the world of men when it is decided that he is to be trained as the new prince's Dark Twin. Set against the backdrop of religious conflict, Drost must learn to navigate the world of men as its new religion strangles to death the old faith in which he was raised.

A metaphysical coming of age story, reminiscent of Dune and Herman Hesse's Demian, The Dark Twin follows Drost through his spiritual training, his encounters with a series of mentors, and his final blossoming into manhood.

Inspired by a series of waking dreams the author had while excavating ancient artefacts in her native Argyll, The Dark Twin is a mythopoeic tale of religious conflict, incandescent romance, and life amongst the Celtic tribes of Iron Age Scotland.

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