SUBMISSIONS ARE CURRENTLY CLOSED (as of September 1st, 2023).

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1. Stories must be provided as a .doc or .docx file, attached to an email.

2. Email subject must be formatted as follows: [STORY TITLE], [WORD COUNT], by [YOUR NAME]. If your email subject is not formatted this way, your story will be automatically rejected.

3. The body of the email must only contain a plot synopsis. No other information. If the body of your email does not contain a plot synopsis, your story will be automatically rejected.

4. 1000 words minimum, 10,000 words maximum.

5. Stories must be in English.

6. Stories must be fully edited and ready to print.

7. Stories made (or contributed to) with AI will be immediately rejected, and you will be permanently banned from submitting to Solar Press.

8. Author must be willing/able to provide exclusive worldwide reprint rights for a period not exceeding 1 year, and non-exclusive worldwide reprint rights for as long as the anthology remains in print.

9. No more than 2 submissions per author. If you send us more than 2 submissions, all stories will be automatically rejected.

10. Submissions are international. If you can get your story to us, we'll consider it.

11. We accept simultaneous submissions, but request that you withdraw your story should it be accepted elsewhere.

Accepted stories will receive slight formatting edits if required. Outside of obvious typos or spelling errors, the text itself will not be edited. Not a word of your story will be changed.

Contributors included in this year's anthology will receive $50, three physical copies of the anthology, and a lifetime subscription to all future Solar Press Horror Anthologies.

All profits from this year's anthology will be donated to charity.


1. We are looking for high-concept, original stories, and value creativity above all else. We welcome experimental work and work that combines or cuts across genres.

2. We value quality prose. We want stories from writers with strong, unique voices.

3. Do not worry that your work is too strange, extreme, or high concept to submit. Some of our favourite authors are Clive Barker, William S. Burroughs, and Jorge Luis Borges. We can handle it.

4. Don't fret too much about your story's length. We're equally open to considering 1000 word stories as 10,000 word ones.